- - Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Middleton sisters featured in ‘True Hollywood Story’

Millions of people around the world tuned in to watch the royal wedding in April as Prince William and Kate Middleton said their vows. And it was that same day that much of the world was introduced to Kate’s sister, Pippa.

Now fans can tune in to watch a special “E! True Hollywood Story” that follows the new Duchess of Cambridge and her captivating sibling.

The sisters have captured the hearts and minds of millions with their sense of fashion and seeming closeness.

Kate and Pippa have always been incredibly close,” royals author Claudia Joseph told the Los Angeles Times. “You can see the warmth between them; they spend a lot of time together. When Kate and William broke up [temporarily], it was Pippa she went on the town with.”

The E! special is aimed at documenting the tale of how these “commoner” sisters have been launched into the international spotlight of royalty.

“‘E! True Hollywood Story’ paints a portrait of these dynamic siblings who have captured the affection of millions around the globe,” the network said. “From their quaint childhood, through their times on the London social scene and finally to where they are today, ‘THS’ reveals the remarkable story of two beauties who rose to celebrity status in the most magical way.”

This time, fans won’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to watch the special live, as was the case with the royal wedding. The program airs at 10 p.m. Wednesday.

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Weezer bassist predicted his death on Twitter

In the weeks before former Weezer bassist Mikey Welsh was found dead in a Chicago hotel room Saturday, he sent out several messages via Twitter and Facebook that seemed to predict his demise.

“Dreamt I died in Chicago next weekend (heart attack in my sleep). Need to write my will today,” Welsh tweeted Sept. 26. Then, “correction - the weekend after next.”

On his Facebook page, Welsh - who took up painting after his stint in the famous pop-punk band - wrote beneath a showcase photo of a painting he was selling that the price was $250 “if i am still alive at time of purchase, price to increase exponentially if I expire prematurely.”

The tweets and Facebook post since have been scrubbed from his accounts.

Staff at the Raffaello Hotel discovered Welsh’s body after he failed to show up for a 1 p.m. checkout time. Authorities suspect he died of a drug overdose.

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