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“Well, I don’t think there’s any rules against like watching film or throwing on my own or continuing to work on things,” Tebow said with a smile. “So, I’ll probably try to do that.”

Wide receiver Eric Decker said he’s willing to give up his vacation to work out the kinks with Tebow.

“If he wants you to come in and throw some routes and get that timing to win a football game, I’ll do anything at this point,” Decker said.

Despite a resume that includes All-America honors, two national championships and a Heisman Trophy, Tebow never came close to beating out Orton in the summer of 2010 or `11.

Yet, Orton turned ordinary when the games started to count.

His puzzling slide hit bottom Sunday when he went 6 for 13 for 34 yards in the first half against the Chargers and threw his seventh interception, tied for most in the league. He also has two fumbles.

“I’m disappointed with everything,” said Orton, 6-21 since winning his first six games as Denver’s starter. “I wish I could have played better, I wish we had a better record, I wish a lot of things, but the reality is what it is.”

The Broncos tried to trade Orton, who’s making $9 million in the final year of his contract, when the lockout ended, but talks with Miami broke down and Fox instead threw open the quarterback competition, something for which Tebow proved ill-prepared.

Orton maintained his stranglehold on the starting job during training camp and Brady Quinn also outperformed Tebow, who showed almost no progress in becoming the pocket passer that Elway has repeatedly said he must become to make it in this league.

His footwork was still flawed, his throws were still off-target, and he even had trouble with the most basic of football plays: the center-quarterback exchange, after spending most of his football career playing out of the shotgun.

He showed, however, that there was some validity to the notion he’s a “gamer” by posting decent stats in preseason games.

Tebow, who received a $6 million-plus bonus in August, was used sparingly by the new coaching staff at first. He came in as a decoy in the slot when the Broncos ran out of receivers against Cincinnati in Week 2, and he took one snap, running for minus-2 yards at Green Bay two weeks ago.

Tebow started the final three games last season _ going 1-2 _ after Orton got hurt and the organization decided to see what they had in Tebow, whom former coach Josh McDaniels had selected with the 25th overall pick in the 2010 draft.

Now he gets another chance to show the new regime what he’s got.

“We’re 1-4, and we’ve got to move on,” Fox said. “We’re going to do whatever it takes to get out of that. Whether this works or not, time will tell.”

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