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Herman Cain, the unconventional candidate, has been quietly attracting serious consideration from conservatives who see him as competent, honorable and so unimpressed with “business as usual” that “this time it really could be different.”

One such activist, Let Freedom Ring CEO Colin Hanna - defined by the candidate as his “good friend” - opines that from what he has seen up to this point, “Herman Cain is our 21st-century Ronald Reagan. Just as Reagan went over the heads of the media to the people, so Herman Cain is going over the heads of the [Republican] party establishment and its consultariat to the people. And it’s working.”

So far, that is. This book outlines the candidate’s vision. Now comes the hard part: withstanding the inevitable slings and arrows.

Wes Vernon is a broadcast journalist whose career included 25 years with CBS Radio. His column appears regularly at