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Fasting activist returned to jail from hospital

MOSCOW — Supporters say a Russian opposition activist on a hunger strike has been sent back to jail without receiving proper medical attention.

Sergei Udaltsov, the leader of the Left Front movement, has been on a hunger strike for three days. He fell ill Saturday in a courtroom where he was appealing a 10-day arrest for disobeying police orders.

The Left Front said on its website Sunday that supporters called an ambulance and sent him to a hospital. It says medical authorities did not examine him properly and refused to admit him.

Mr. Udaltsov was detained Wednesday when he tried to lead a march to the presidential compound in Moscow following an authorized rally. He has been detained at least 10 times this year.


Historic square turns into battlefield

ROME — A Rome square turned into a battlefield Saturday as riot police fired tear gas and water cannon jets on hundreds of stone-throwing protesters in clashes that left 70 injured and led to 12 arrests.

Groups of peaceful protesters could be seen huddling on the steps of St. John Lateran basilica for shelter as the urban battle raged in front of them.

Adding to the chaos, the flow of traffic through the busy hub was not blocked off and cars could be seen driving erratically through the square.

Stones were thrown at a Ferrari and a Mercedes stranded in the clashes.

In surrounding streets protesters torched cars, smashed banks and set fire to a military building, forcing a retired general and his wife to evacuate.

Between 200 and 300 riot police officers were then seen running from the square.

At least 70 people were injured, including three in a serious condition.

One man may lose two fingers after his hand was injured by a powerful firecracker in an altercation with the violent fringe of the protesters.

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