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“Virginians have always taken an independent bent in our legislative races,” he continued. “I’m not going to second-guess what state candidates are doing or not doing four weeks out from an election,” adding that he could imagine at this point candidates in both parties were running away from Washington, given the public frustration with a lack of collaborative action.

“Bob, did you make sure you got that point about 160,000 jobs, 1 percent of more tourism?” Mr. Warner continued, referring to an estimate by his office that the loss of 1 percentage point of the total world travel market potentially costs the United States 161,000 jobs.

“Yeah, whatever,” Mr. Lewis replied. “It doggone slipped my mind.”

Is @IAFF36 the new @dcfireems?

The removal of the District’s fire department spokesman and neutering of the agency’s Twitter account has left a void in the District’s “Twitterverse,” but members of the agency’s union say they plan to pick up the slack.

D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services spokesman Pete Piringer was shucked of his duties, which notoriously included the live tweeting of emergency operations across the District, and temporarily transferred to the Office of the Secretary this week.

In his absence, the D.C. Firefighters Association has begun dabbling in Mr. Piringer’s former duties. The union’s own Twitter account, @IAFF36, posted several messages — including some about ongoing operations.

The tweets seemed to begin Friday morning, one notifying followers of a track fire at Union Station. At about 11 a.m., the union tweeted this notice: “Update, Barricade situation 1900 Mississippi ave SE is under control.”

Union President Edward C. Smith acknowledged that the group, which in the recent past had mostly tweeted links to news articles, planned to step up its activity.

“We are going to try to fill Pete’s shoes, though those are some shoes to fill,” he said. “Obviously, it’s a valuable service and we want to continue that.”

• David Hill, David Sherfinski and Andrea Noble contributed to this report.