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He said his committee will hear testimony this week on budget issues and the potential need for state transportation funding.

“I think we’ll take a look and probably have some briefings, but we probably won’t get into any specific formulas,” Mr. Conway said. “I think sticking to redistricting in the special session is the correct thing to do.”

Lobbyists and activists are treating the session as a valuable chance to draw lawmakers’ attention and voice opinions on bills expected to be presented in January.

Representatives from the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative have said they will use the session to tout the benefits of a proposed cigarette-tax increase from $2 to $3 a pack.

Members of Maryland’s tea party movement have scheduled a rally for Tuesday in Annapolis to show opposition to gerrymandering and to urge the General Assembly not to raise taxes.

Gay-rights group Equality Maryland is using the session to urge support for a same-sex marriage bill that likely will be one of the highest-profile bills of next year’s session.

The group will ask gay-marriage proponents to call their state lawmakers to ask for support of the Marylanders for Marriage Equality coalition, which is lobbying for the legislation.

“We’re gearing up for next year,” said Patrick Wojahn, board president of the Equality Maryland Foundation. “The legislators are all gathered in one place, and we’re hoping they’ll have time to listen to their constituents.”