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“It seemed like a chain effect,” Cofield said. “The defense was struggling and the offense was struggling, and it shouldn’t be like that. We should be two separate entities no matter what’s happening on the other side of the ball. We have to feel like one big play can change the whole momentum.”

They nearly pulled it off. A third-quarter interception by Atogwe at the 1-yard line kept the deficit at 20-6, but the Redskins failed to capitalize. On the next defensive series, cornerback DeAngelo Hall picked off Vince Young - replacing a dazed Vick - to set up Washington at the Eagles’ 18-yard line.

Alas, that opportunity was lost when Grossman threw his third interception of the afternoon.

“Those [takeaways] are things when you win, you look back and say that’s why you won the game,” Cofield said. “But when you lose, you focus on the negatives.”

Ultimately, there were 30 negatives for the Redskins’ defense: one for every minute of the first half.