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And: “Everybody’s looking for a difference-maker. Look at Drew Brees. He was released by San Diego. Nobody knew he was going to be a difference-maker.”

For the record, seven quarterbacks were drafted in the first 72 picks this year, four of whom (Carolina’s Cam Newton, Cincinnati’s Andy Dalton, Jacksonville’s Blaine Gabbert and Minnesota’s Christian Ponder) are already starting. If that isn’t “falling out of trees,” it’s close.

As for Brees, he was “released” by San Diego because the Chargers already had a ton of money invested in Philip Rivers and had decided to promote him to No. 1. In his last two seasons with the Bolts, Brees went 20-12 as a starter (counting the playoffs), completed 65 percent of his passes and had a 96.1 rating. The Redskins would kill to have a QB like that right now — never mind the QB that Brees has become.

Anyway, off to Carolina the Redskins go, with a new quarterback and fresh hope. Donovan McNabb wasn’t the answer. Rex Grossman wasn’t the answer. Maybe John Beck will be the answer. Or maybe Shanahan will be standing under a tree next spring, waiting for his next QB to fall out.