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Mrs. Cheh’s committee substantiated the finding that money passed from Mr. Brooks to Mr. Brown in a report issued in August but stopped well short of saying the mayor authorized, or even knew of, the payments.

“There is clear evidence that Mr. Brown received money from persons associated with the Gray campaign,” the report said. “Bank records corroborate Mr. Brown’s claim that he received at least $1,160 in money orders from Mr. Brooks. Yet, there is no evidence, other than Mr. Brown’s own testimony to substantiate his additional claims that he received thousands of dollars from Mr. Brooks and that Mayor Gray personally approved these payments.”

For now, everyone is waiting on the U.S. attorney to act.

“All I know is, whatever they do, I hope they do it with some dispatch,” Mrs. Cheh said. “Because we cannot continue to operate under this cloud, this feeling of impending doom. It’s getting in the way of things.”