- - Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Lawmakers refuse to limit transportation projects

The Senate defeated a bid by Sen. John McCain on Wednesday to stop funneling federal funds to transportation museums, highway beautification and preservation of historic bridges, rejecting his argument that money needed to repair rundown roads was being diverted to projects like squirrel sanctuaries and car museums.

Senators turned aside the Arizona Republican’s measure by 59-39 after opponents said it would block Amtrak’s use of many historic rail stations and the preservation of icons like New York’s Brooklyn Bridge and New England’s covered bridges.

Mr. McCain’s provision was aimed at the transportation enhancement program, which last year sent the states more than $900 million. His proposal would have allowed states to continue using money from the program for bike and pedestrian paths, building tunnels under roads and other structures to separate traffic from wildlife, and acquiring historic sites.

Mr. McCain said recipients of money under the program have included the White Squirrel Sanctuary in Kenton, Tenn., the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., and historic items along a Pennsylvania highway that include a giant coffee pot.


Romney serves up Perry blooper reel

The Romney camp, which launched an anti-Rick Perry website, careerpolitician.com, on Tuesday, unveiled a new Web ad this afternoon that is, essentially, a collection of the Texas governor’s worst moments from the GOP presidential debates he’s participated in since joining the race in August.

The Romney campaign announced the new video, titled “Ready to Lead?” on Facebook by asking followers “Do you think Governor Perry would be able to challenge President Obama in a debate?”

The video includes footage from Mr. Perry’s performance in Tuesday night’s Las Vegas debate, which most observers agreed was the governor’s strongest.

Still, the Romney team zeroed in on the mangled syntax, awkward pauses and meandering answers that have marked the Texas governor’s uneven performances in the GOP debates.


High court to hear primary case

COLUMBIA — South Carolina’s Supreme Court has agreed take a case challenging the state’s authority to conduct the GOP’s first-in-the-South presidential primary in January.

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