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Tuberville, however, would have had some serious explaining to do if his Red Raiders had lost.

With Texas Tech up 31-14 in the third quarter, Tuberville passed on a 23-yard field-goal attempt and went for it fourth-and-1 at the 6 when he should have been padding his lead.

Later in the third, with Texas Tech facing fourth-and-4 at its own 41 and leading 31-17, Tuberville called for a fake punt that didn’t work. Again, the Red Raiders were giving the lagging Sooners life.

In the end it all worked out for Texas Tech and Tuberville could smile if asked about some of those moves and simply say, `We won.’

It won’t be so easy for Bielema to defend himself.



If former Texas Tech coach Mike Leach can’t land another college gig, maybe he could become a full-time author.

Leach’s first book, an autobiography called “Swing Your Sword,” came out right before the football season and at last check was No. 38 among’s best-selling sports books.

Leach has another book available called “Sports For Dorks. He co-authored that one with Ferhat Guven, a real estate investor and graduate of Texas Tech and the London Business School.

Leach is keeping busy but he wants to get back into college football. Unless his lawsuit against Texas Tech, which fired him after he was accused of mistreating a player, gets in the way, there should be opportunities.

Arizona is already open and UCLA’s Rick Neuheisel seems to be on his way out. Leach always seemed as if he would be a good fit in the Pac-12 with his wide-open offense and atypical _ for a football coach _ interests.

Another possible spot is Mississippi if the Rebels part ways with Houston Nutt



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