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“This revolution was looked after by God to achieve victory,” he said.

Mr. Abdul-Jalil said new banks would be set up to follow the Islamic banking system, which bans charging interest as a practice deemed usury. For the time being, he said interest would be canceled for any personal loans already taken out and less than 10,000 Libyan dinars (about $7,500).

He also announced the annulment of an existing family law that limits the number of wives Libyan can take, contradicting the provision in the Muslim holy book, the Quran, that allows men up to four wives.

And he urged Libyans to hand back money or property taken during the civil war.

Mr. Abdul-Jalil thanked those who fought and fell in the fight against Gadhafi’s forces.

“They are somewhere better than here, with God,” he said.

Associated Press writers Jamal Halaby in Southern Shuneh, Jordan, and Raphael G. Satter in London contributed to this report.