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For example, whatever happened to the U.S. deficit and sovereign debt crisis? Just in July (a whole three months ago) we had a blazing - and necessary - fight about our deficit and the raising of the debt ceiling. Then we passed a phony bill that will not remotely avoid the upcoming crisis, and both parties promptly went back to sleep.

Even as the kindling flames lick up under Europe’s potentially apocalyptic debt and banking crisis, Washington does not stir itself. Even as total U.S. public and private debt - about $50 trillion, according to Federal Reserve statistics - rises to more than 300 percent of gross domestic product - Washington mentally slumbers.

Worse than a straight-out lie about our dangers, I suspect that Washington is succumbing to a gluttonous taste for self-delusion and denial. Thus, perhaps Mrs. Clinton actually believes we have maintained our “commitment and resolve” in Iraq - even as we slither away.

George Orwell once warned, “To see what is in front of one’s nose needs a constant struggle.” In that struggle, too, Washington has lost its commitment and resolve.

Tony Blankley is the author of “American Grit: What It Will Take to Survive and Win in the 21st Century” (Regnery, 2009) and vice president of the Edelman public relations firm in Washington.