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The chairwoman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee questioned President Obama’s decision to send troops to Uganda as she opened a hearing Tuesday on the U.S. mission to support the African nation’s fight against a brutal rebel army.

“We need clarity on the rules of engagement, the mission parameters and the definition of success, as well as how U.S. military presence in Central Africa furthers U.S. national security interests,” said Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen.

Mr. Obama cited a law he signed last year as his authority for sending 100 military advisers to help Uganda in its war against the Lord’s Resistance Army, one of Africa’s most savage guerrilla movements.

The State Department listed it as a terrorist organization in 2001 and cited its leader, Joseph Kony, as a “specially designated global terrorist.”

Mrs. Ros-Lehtinen noted that it “murders, mutilates, tortures, rapes and loots with impunity.”

“But we are not here today to determine whether Joseph Kony is evil. We know he is,” she said.

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