- - Tuesday, October 25, 2011


SeaWorld accused of enslaving orcas

SAN DIEGO — A federal court is being asked to grant constitutional rights to five killer whales who perform at marine parks, an unprecedented and perhaps quixotic legal action that is nonetheless likely to stoke an ongoing, intense debate at America’s law schools over expansion of animal rights.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is accusing the SeaWorld parks of keeping five star-performer whales in conditions that violate the 13th Amendment ban on slavery. SeaWorld depicted the lawsuit as baseless.

Chances that the lawsuit will succeed are slim, according to legal analysts.


Jurors ID’d in trial of Casey Anthony

ST. PETERSBURG — A judge released the names of the jurors in the Casey Anthony trial, but they were either unavailable or unwilling to talk to the media Tuesday and went into hiding much like the mother they acquitted of murder.

It has been three months since the jurors found Ms. Anthony not guilty in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee. After threats were made against jurors, Judge Belvin Perry delayed releasing the names of the 12 jurors and three alternates, saying he wanted a “cooling-off period.”


Japan tsunami debris floats toward islands

HONOLULU — Up to 20 million tons of tsunami debris floating from Japan could arrive on Hawaii’s shores by early 2013, before reaching the West Coast.

A Russian ship spotted the debris in an area of the Pacific Ocean where scientists at the University of Hawaii predicted it would be. The massive amount of rubble, which includes a refrigerator, a TV set and other appliances, is expected to reach the West Coast in 2014.


5 officers arrested in smuggling sting

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