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Last week, Police Chief Jose Armando Polanco said he would not meet with Amnesty delegates unless they mentioned in the report that 55 police officers and soldiers were killed while on duty and another 170 injured. He said at the time that he would not comment further on the report.

At least 154 people were reported killed by police from January to July of this year, compared with 125 people in the same period last year, according to the Dominican Republic’s Office of the Prosecutor General.


Vatican investigating abuse claims at abbey

LONDON — The Vatican has ordered an inquiry into decades of sexual abuse by clerics at a Benedictine abbey in London whose former head monk has disappeared while facing allegations of sexual assault.

Ealing Abbey runs St. Benedict’s School, a private Catholic institution whose former pupils have made allegations of abuse dating back to the 1960s.

A former headmaster, Father David Pearce, was jailed in 2009 for abusing boys at the school for 35 years. He was dubbed the “devil in a dog collar” by one of his victims.

Father Laurence Soper, who was abbot of Ealing from 1991 to 2000, was arrested last year on suspicion of sexual assault. He is the subject of an international manhunt after jumping bail in March.

The Vatican confirmed Tuesday it had launched an investigation, known as an apostolic visitation.


Conservative government to ease gun laws

TORONTO — Canada’s Conservative government introduced legislation Tuesday to scrap a controversial law that requires the registration of rifles and shotguns.

Canada has long required registration of handguns, but the long-run registry law passed in 1995 faced bitter opposition in rural Canada, the Conservative party’s base, which considered it an overreaction to the problem of urban crime. Public Safety Minister Vic Toews said it doesn’t want laws targeting law-abiding citizens such as hunters.

Police and victims groups are voicing opposition, but the Conservatives have a new majority in Parliament after national elections in May and now can scrap the law.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper previously tried to kill it, but his bill was narrowly defeated in the last Parliament.

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