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Mr. Brown then went public with his allegations that he was paid by members of Mr. Gray’s campaign chairwoman, Lorraine Green, and her friend, Howard Brooks, who handled financial matters for the campaign.

Mr. Brown said Mr. Gray was aware of the payments, but he has not accused the mayor of handing him cash.

The D.C. Council conducted a lengthy fact-finding probe of Mr. Brown’s allegations and concluded that Brown was paid at least $1,160 by Mr. Brooks and was promised a job in the administration.

Mr. Brown told the council that on one occasion, Mr. Gray told him, “Howard has something for you,” and that Mr. Brooks then handed him an envelope with cash inside. Mr. Gray has denied that allegation, and the council found that Mr. Brown’s claims that Mr. Gray was aware of the payments were “not credible.”

Mr. Bennett, Mr. Gray’s attorney, said Mr. Brown’s allegation about the talking points must be relatively new since Mr. Brown did not make the accusation in the initial flurry of interviews he gave shortly after his firing or at his appearance before the council.