- - Monday, October 3, 2011


Two severed heads found with message

MEXICO CITY — Police in Mexico City said Monday that they found two severed human heads on a street near the capital’s main military base.

Mexico City Attorney General Miguel Mancera said the heads were accompanied by a note referring to the “Mano con Ojos” or “Hand with Eyes” drug gang.

It was the first multiple decapitation in the capital since January 2008, when two heads were found near the city’s international airport.

Two heads were found in the same vicinity in December 2007.

Decapitations frequently have been carried out by drug cartels in violence-plagued cities like Acapulco.

But Mexico City so far has been spared much of the drug violence hitting other states.

The heads were found Monday on a busy ring road across from the army’s headquarters at Military Camp 1.


Prime minister nominee expected to be approved

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Haitian senators were expected to approve President Michel Martelly’s third pick for prime minister, ending the new leader’s monthslong bid to establish a government.

The president of the Senate said the members would vote late Monday on the nomination of Garry Conille to run the government in the troubled nation.

The Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved Mr. Conille’s appointment on Sept. 16.

The Haitian parliament rejected the first two candidates nominated by Mr. Martelly, who took office in May. That has prevented the new leader from acting on his agenda and slowed earthquake reconstruction.

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