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But he sailed a bunch of throws and missed several wide-open receivers.

His performance was somewhat expected since it was his second career start and it came against a Saints team that has given rookies all sorts of problems in three years under defensive coordinator Gregg Williams.

Tight end Marcedes Lewis said Gabbert’s struggles had to do with his footwork.

“Once Blaine tightens his footwork up, we’re going to be fine,” Lewis said. “These are things that can be fixed. We need to find a healthy balance, just like in life. It’s understanding what your role is and embracing that role. We’ll be better. … We’ve got to turn this thing around.

“We feel like garbage right now because we lost, but regardless if you win or lose, there are things you can learn from and be better from.”

The field crew has room for improvement, too. The crew botched several yard-line markers on one side of the field Sunday, painting arrows pointing in the wrong direction. The error got national attention, much like Jacksonville’s offensive woes and seemingly strange play calls.

“I think each week takes on its own identity, has its own set of challenges and so we want to be a complete football team,” Del Rio said. “We feel like we are running the ball well now, we feel like we have a passing game that’s on the verge of doing substantially better and we’re going to continue to work to be a complete football team.

“We need growth in that area. … We’ll put the plan together that we think gives us the best chance to win each week. Some weeks that’ll require a lot more running, some weeks it’ll require a lot more throwing, but we expect to be good at both.”