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After a public kerfuffle last week, Facebook and state officials have tightened their lips. They say they’re researching the complicated tax laws involved and won’t have more to say until they wade through them.

“We are looking forward to receiving further clarification as to the Department of Revenue’s policies, so that the data center industry in Central Oregon can move forward,” Facebook said in a statement.

The dispute has concerned Roger Lee, director of Economic Development for Central Oregon, who said murkiness surrounding taxation makes companies nervous.

“Companies want some type of certainty to be able to proceed in whatever they’re doing,” Lee said. “This provides a great deal of uncertainty and ambiguity.”

People involved say it’s unclear what a final agreement might look like, but it could involve new legislation next year, a definitive legal opinion from the state Department of Justice, or litigation in tax court. The dispute has risen to the governor’s office, where aides have tried to intervene.

“We are researching the issues to be able to provide clarity to all parties,” said Tim Raphael, a spokesman for Gov. John Kitzhaber.