- - Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Student who sought advice from Christie loses election

New Jersey sixth-grader Zack Martini experienced a harsh reality check last week when he lost his bid for a seat on the Florence M. Gaudineer Middle School’s student council. The 11-year-old Springfield native, who recently sought N.J. Gov. Chris Christie’s advice on winning the election, said he was “disappointed” about losing to classmate Zoe Frie but wished his rival well.

“Unfortunately, the results from the election didn’t go our way,” Zack’s dad, Ed Martini, told Yahoo! News. “Zack is disappointed he didn’t win, but he wishes the new president, Zoe Frie, the best of luck.”

Earlier this month, the young aspiring politico attended a Union Township town-hall meeting and asked Mr. Christie for some advice on scoring the middle school student government spot.

After chuckling, the governor said, “Make sure that you get a bunch of friends who think you will be the best person for sixth grade to go out there and help you.”

Mr. Christie also advised Zack always to ask potential voters for their vote.

“People like to be asked. … They don’t like to just … take their vote for granted,” Mr. Christie said.

Of course, campaigning goes beyond just talking. Mr. Christie told the boy to have “really colorful posters.”

Responding to audience laughter, Mr. Christie said, “I mean sixth-grade student council, really important to have colorful posters. … Hang ‘em up until they tell you to take them down.”

Finally, Mr. Christie told Zack not to make promises he couldn’t keep.

“Because if you do, they won’t be voting for you in seventh grade,” Mr. Christie said.

As reported by Yahoo!, the young student is far from through with his political endeavors.

“He is looking forward to trying again next year,” his father told the website.

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