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The Charlotte Observer — the supposed “watchdog” covering the DNC convention in its hometown next year — soon displayed its own utter disdain for voters and disregard for liberty. The paper actually conducted an online survey asking readers: “Would it be a good idea to suspend congressional elections?”

Terrifyingly, about 40 of the paper’s remaining long-tortured readers actually agreed that it would be a good idea to halt U.S. elections.

In one apology titled “Perdue didn’t start Revolution,” the Raleigh paper explained how Mrs. Perdue has a history of offering “off-the-wall” ideas such as canceling elections.

Well, gee, how did such a danger to freedom and democracy get elected to public office in the first place? Oh, that’s right, the watchdogs are dead. Or, more accurately, sleeping in Beverly Perdue’s lap.

With America’s guardians of freedom so far corrupted, is it any wonder we are in so much trouble?

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