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Fennelly said she’s the team’s most complete player and could become one of the program’s best players ever.

“I’m feeling a lot more confidence in myself,” Christofferson said. “Last year everything was hitting you all at one time. You didn’t know how to take things. This year, you just have a better sense of what’s going to happen.”

Should Christofferson and her teammate need any more incentive, photos of the Iowa State players who have been drafted by WNBA teams hang on one wall of the lounge in the Cyclones’ practice facility. It’s something they see every day.

“I’m waiting for someone on this team to earn a spot on that wall,” Fennelly said. “That’s the challenge we have to find in practice. If we find that, I think we’ve got a chance to be a decent team. If we don’t find that, there will be moments when we struggle to find an identity and find a way to be successful.”