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“We don’t have a problem,” Mr. Ailes says flatly.

“I’ve stayed away from this News Corp. issue because it’s not a Fox News issue,” he says. “I know nothing more about it than I’m reading in the press, and I don’t discuss it with Rupert.”

Mr. Ailes‘ contract runs out in the summer of 2013, after one more rollicking presidential race, and shortly after he turns 73. He says he hasn’t decided if he’ll stay on, or, if not, what’s next.

“The bad news,” Mr. Ailes cracks, “is, I just went to my doctor and he said, ‘Other than arthritis, your chart reads like a 40-year-old’s. You’re old, you’re fat and you’re ugly, but you’re not going to die from any of those things immediately.’ So if I still feel like this and somebody offers me a job in June of ‘13, I may just take it.”

Maybe he’ll take on this challenge back in his native Ohio: the Cleveland Indians. They won the World Series in 1948, and haven’t since.

“I always wanted to raise the money to go back and buy the Cleveland Indians and be sure they won one more World Series,” Mr. Ailes says. “But I got sidetracked.”

Then, chuckling, he cites his status as a favorite lightning rod for liberals’ disdain.

“The politically correct crowd would go after me to change the team’s name,” he says, maybe joking and maybe not. “They’d be all over [me] because I bought the Indians.”