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They bemoaned the possible closure of the Poe House after the city cut off funding for the museum this year and said they hope the movie can draw attention to his life in Baltimore.

“He left such an incredible legacy and this city sort of owns it,” Evans said. “It’s a really special thing.”

Jeff Jerome, curator of the Poe House, said the museum has enough money to stay open until June but will need at least $85,000 a year to continue beyond then. The city has hired consultants to find a way to make the museum self-sustaining and perhaps transfer its ownership to a private group.

Few groups are looking to acquire a museum house, though, Jerome said.

Attention generated by the movie in the months ahead will be good for the Poe House, which continues to raise private funds on its own, he said.

“This movie hasn’t even opened yet, and it already has generated a lot of controversy” over its fictionalization of Poe’s final days, Jerome said. “You have to suspend your belief when you see a film like this. I’m very excited about it.”


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