- Associated Press - Friday, October 7, 2011

LOS ANGELES (AP) - The doctor charged in Michael Jackson’s death tells detectives in a recorded interview that he took all possible precautions for the singer’s safety before giving him a powerful anesthetic.

Dr. Conrad Murray is heard telling the detectives that he kept oxygen nearby and a fingertip monitor to check the singer’s oxygen saturation level.

Prosecutors contend Murray was reckless and the equipment wasn’t adequate to properly monitor Jackson while he was sedated with the anesthetic propofol.

The doctor tells detectives that he was giving the singer propofol daily for two months except for three days before Jackson’s death to try to wean the singer off the drug.

Jurors are listening to the recording on the ninth day of Murray’s involuntary manslaughter trial. Murray has pleaded not guilty.

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Jurors who have sat facing Dr. Conrad Murray for two weeks heard his voice for the first time Friday on a recorded interview he had with detectives two days after his patient, Michael Jackson, died under his care.

The more-than two hour recording has never been played in public before.

It gave police their first hint that Jackson’s death was not from natural causes and that he had been given the powerful anesthetic propofol in an effort to cure his extreme insomnia.

Authorities claim Murray gave Jackson a lethal dose of propofol and other sedatives while trying to help the singer. Defense attorneys say Jackson gave himself the lethal dose after Murray left the room.

Murray has pleaded not guilty to involuntary manslaughter. If convicted, he faces up to four years behind bars and the loss of his medical license.

The interview on June 27, 2009, two days after Jackson’s death, begins with Los Angeles police Detective Scott Smith reassuring Murray and thanking him for his cooperation.

“The contents of this interview will never be released by us,” he is heard saying at the start.

After getting Murray to state his vital statistics, he tells the doctor: “I hope you understand that none of the circus going on has come from us.”

By then, rumors swirled in the media about Murray’s role in the singer’s death, a factor in his lawyers’ decision to allow his interview.

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