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Extras and unlockables: The Anarchy Edition includes extra stuff, including a double-barreled shotgun, Rat Rod buggy, Fists of Rage and Crimson Elite Armor. It also includes a download to the Wasteland Sewer missions.

Read all about it: I highly recommend reading Dark Horse Comics’ three-issue miniseries that explains some of the backstory and the goals of the Authority. Just look for Rage: After the Impact ($10.99), a handy trade paperback arriving in the next couple of weeks.

Star power: It’s worth noting the familiar voice of John Goodman stars as leader of the Hagar Settlement, Dan Hagar. He also humorously narrates the cooperative missions.

What’s it worth? Some will think Rage was a too-ambitious effort and it just should have stuck to a first-person-shooting frenzy within some dazzling confines.

However, I loved the creative risk, loved the vehicle combat and just wish the story and depth of characters could back up the visual might. If I was a Hollywood producer, Rage would have funding, but I would demand a rewrite.