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Smith then asked, “Where’s your bag where those syringes would be now?”

“Oh, really?” Chernoff replied, according to the transcript.

“I don’t have them,” Murray replied, before telling the detectives exactly where to find the bags.

During the interview, Murray also told detectives how he took all possible precautions _ keeping oxygen and a pulse monitoring machine nearby _ and constantly warned Jackson that using propofol was an artificial way to sleep.

Murray said Jackson told him before he agreed to be his personal physician that he might need help. The physician said Jackson told him that he expected to sleep for 15 to 18 hours at a time.

Jackson had battled insomnia before he came to Murray. Repeatedly, Murray said, Jackson talked of cancelling his landmark “This Is It” comeback concert in London if he could not sleep.

“He said he would not satisfy his fans if he was not rested,” Murray said. “There was a lot of pressure.”

In his account of Jackson’s final hours, Murray told of how he infused Jackson with lorazepam and another drug, Versed, during a 10-hour struggle to get the singer to sleep. At one point, he said, he checked to make sure the sedatives weren’t leaking out of the IV bag.

“Where was this medicine going? Why was this man not responding?” Murray asked.

When Jackson stopped breathing, Murray added flumazenil, a drug designed to reverse the effects of the two drugs. There is no antidote for propofol.

In the interview, Murray acknowledged that he had left Jackson’s side to go to the bathroom “for two minutes.” He never mentioned the series of phone calls he made that were later detected on his cell phone records.

Murray recounted how the singer’s assistant sought him out in early 2009 to accompany Jackson on his upcoming series of comeback shows. Then he got a call from Jackson, “telling me how elated he was that I was going to join the trip,” Murray said.

The doctor said there was no commitment yet, but indicated how impressed he was about the request.

Michael Jackson asked me to be on his team,” Murray said. “I was talking to Michael Jackson himself.”


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