- - Sunday, October 9, 2011


U.S. economic theorists top Nobel contenders

STOCKHOLM — Researchers who study economic growth and how technology helps drive long-term development are among the top contenders for the Nobel prize for economics to be awarded Monday, Swedish experts say.

A day before the announcement of the prestigious $1.5 million award, Americans Robert Barro and Paul Romer stood out as favorites for the prize for their research on growth.

The Nobel Committee maintains it doesn’t pay attention to current events when picking a winner, but an award to growth theory would be closely watched as the world debates how to revive the economy in the face of large public spending cuts.


Egypt puts end to military trials for civilians

CAIRO — Egypt’s military ruler has ordered a halt to trials of civilians before military courts known for swift and harsh verdicts.

Sunday’s decision by Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi doesn’t completely spare civilians military justice.

His decree stipulates that those who violate military laws, like assaulting servicemen or damaging military installations, would still be referred to military tribunals.

Rights groups say at least 11,000 civilians have been tried before military tribunals since the February ouster of Hosni Mubarak.

Field Marshal Tantawi chairs a military council that took control of the country from Mr. Mubarak with pledges to return Egypt to civilian rule after a transition period.

The rights groups also claim the military tortures detainees.


At least 11 wounded in two explosions

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