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On many popular cars, such as this one, a large number of parts remain readily available and often it is more cost-effective to replace the part than repair the original.

Such was the case with both front fenders of the Chevrolet. Not only were the replacements rust- and dent-free, they fit precisely. Likewise, the grille. Mr. Berger found one still in the original protective wrapping for the sum of $39.

While the engine and transmission were getting a new lease on life, the car was being repainted in the original Aztec Bronze and the interior received new Parchment vinyl upholstery, which appears whiter than white in contrast to the black carpeting.

The odometer on the Chevrolet recently rolled over 90,000 miles and Mr. Berger reports his very large car still delivers about 18 miles per gallon on the highway.

Chevrolet manufactured a total of 119,314 cars like Mr. Berger‘s. Most of them have gone to that big junkyard in the sky.

With the Super Sport ‘SS’ emblem at the hub of each wheel on the 119-inch wheelbase, the ride is very soft.

Mr. Berger is happy that the restoration was complete by July 12, 2005, when his son, Doug, drove his wife, Becky, home from the maternity hospital with their baby Gwen in the same car he made the same trip in 30 years before as a passenger.