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Paul Dano to portray young Karl Rove in film

Before he was deputy chief of staff to President George W. Bush, Karl Rove was a college Republican. “There Will Be Blood” star Paul Dano will re-enact this part of Mr. Rove’s university days in the upcoming movie “College Republicans,” according to

Producer Maya Browne said the movie “is about when Karl Rove and Lee Atwater first met, which is when Karl Rove ran for president of the College Republicans, and that’s when they sort of discovered dirty tricks. It’s interesting to see them take that journey together.”

Scheduled to begin shooting this fall with director Richard Linklater (“Slackers”), “College Republicans” is slated for a 2012 release.

Both politicos went on to high-profile careers. Mr. Atwater became chairman of the Republican National Committee and the campaign manager for President George H.W. Bush. Mr. Rove evolved into George W. Bush’s right-hand man. He even called Mr. Rove the “architect” behind his 2004 election victory over Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts.

“Wall Street 2” actor Shia LaBeouf reportedly expressed an interest in taking on the role of the headstrong Mr. Rove, and Ms. Browne declined to comment on whether the Southern California native would appear in “College Republicans” in another role.

A New Yorker, Mr. Dano often plays outcasts and troubled individuals. The 27-year-old painted an eerie portrait of a disturbed young pastor in the 2007 drama “There Will Be Blood.” In 2006’s “Little Miss Sunshine,” Mr. Dano played a moody teen who takes a vow of silence to prepare to get into the U.S. Air Force Academy. In 2004, the actor portrayed a secretly frisky uber-nerd in “The Girl Next Door.”

For Baldwin, personal life may trump political life

Why run for mayor of New York City when you can explore the world with your 27-year-old yoga instructor girlfriend?

That seems to be the mentality of “30 Rock” actor Alec Baldwin, who addressed rumors about a mayoral run during a Tuesday “Late Show” appearance. Though Mr. Baldwin said this year that he was “very, very interested” in seeking political office, the New Yorker told David Letterman that being mayor might work better in theory rather than practice.

“It’s the old adage you’d hear from people who are interested in politics. I would like to be the mayor; I don’t know if I want to run for mayor,” Mr. Baldwin said. “Running for mayor and being the mayor are two completely different things, and my life is changing: I’m going to do the show for another year, and beyond that, I’ve got a woman in my life, my girlfriend who is very important to me.”

When egged on to provide more details about his significant other, Mr. Baldwin posed a rhetorical question about choosing world travel with a loved one over being the calm in the storm when natural disasters hit.

“Would I rather be handcuffed to the emergency command center in Maspeth during a hurricane, holding down the fort and making sure all the plows are working, or would I rather spend some of that ‘30 Rock’ money traveling the world with my girlfriend?” Mr. Baldwin said.

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