- - Thursday, September 1, 2011


Bachmann draws Thatcher foreign-policy comparison

MINNEAPOLIS | Republican Rep. Michele Bachmann is harkening back to a past female world leader with firm resolve - former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher - as she tries to convince American veterans that she would make a strong commander in chief.

Mrs. Bachmann shed led light Thursday on her foreign-policy views in a speech to the American Legion’s national convention in her home state of Minnesota. President Obama addressed the convention earlier in the week.

Mrs. Bachmann said the world needs to know America has a “strong leader” like Mrs. Thatcher and her contemporary President Reagan. She says it would show that the United States won’t “conduct our foreign policy apologetically, such as leading from behind.”

Mrs. Bachmann emphasized her role on the House Intelligence Committee as evidence she knows pressing threats.


Huntsman sets high expectations with win

MANCHESTER | Brushing off bad poll numbers, presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman predicts he’ll win New Hampshire’s Republican primary.

The former Utah governor set high expectations Thursday at the popular Politics and Eggs discussion series. His comments came in the same week he earned just 1 percent in two national polls.

He says polls are meaningless this early.

Mr. Huntsman also offered a subtle jab at Texas Gov. Rick Perry, his Republican opponent and someone he later called a friend. Mr. Huntsman said he brought only his wife to the packed event instead of a large entourage or the Texas Rangers, a reference to Mr. Perry’s security detail.

Mr. Huntsman met with voters a day after calling for lowering corporate tax rates and ending loopholes.

Appearing earlier Thursday on NBC’s “Today,” Mr. Huntsman criticized his GOP rivals, saying “we’re getting drama but not solutions.”

Asked if Mr. Perry and Mrs. Bachmann are too far to the right to beat President Obama in 2012, he said voters “don’t want politics at the extreme ends.”

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