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David Dellucci was excited just walking back on the field.

“I’m actually standing on the field right now,” he said as reporters crowded around him. “My heart’s starting to pump. It’s all coming back. We’re reliving the memories and we have a great group of fans here to help us do that.”

Bob Brenly, a first-year manager when he guided Arizona to that title, said that until the last offseason he had never watched the series after seeing it unfold in front of him.

“My wife went to Europe with some friends and I was home alone for a week and just started popping them in one at a time and watching the games start to finish,” Brenly said. “It’s amazing how many things you forget. Under those circumstances, once it goes by you, you forget.

“Now you’re trying to think a couple of innings ahead of time. It was nice to watch and remember. Some of it wasn’t so much fun to watch, but because I knew the ending it was a great movie.”