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And she was wrapped in miles and miles of crepe, chiffon and sheer organza _ with enough ball gowns for multiple parties.

Siriano was going for thrown-together chic in effortless pairings of jersey stripe T-shirts and long, body-hugging skirts that flounced at the floor. Wide-legged crepe pants had easy drawstring waists and cropped beachcombers were matched with crepe blouses that had capes.

“I was looking at photographs of these really interesting underwater specimens, like acorn barnacles and other corals,” he said before the show. “They’re beautiful and have such color and light. I started thinking of this kind of girl who would travel to these places to find these interesting things.”

Spirals of pleat work at the yoke flashed in a swingy razor-pleat cocktail dress in bright lemon. A long A-line skirt worn with one of his stripe boatneck T-shirts was adorned with tide pool swirls of applique in the color of oysters.


No recession runway for Rowley. She’s ready for flash _ and flowers.

The outfits certainly had spunk; no shrinking violet is going to wear an Asian-inspired “bouquet” tuxedo jacket with second-skin leggings in a zigzag print.

From there, Rowley moved on to a mesh leather T-shirt with tight, tiny trunks, and a metallic sweater with gold shorts adorned with black appliques.

Rowley seemed to tap into her personal interest in surfing, pairing embroidered swim trunks with an orange T that had perforated leather sleeves.

Some looks had more of a balance of boldness and wearability, including a botanical-print dress with a henley-style neckline, and a gray sweatshirt-style top worn with a black skirt that teased the crowd.

Lindsay Lohan, wearing big sunglasses, sparkly high heels and a brand new outfit from Rowley, nodded approvingly throughout the show.


Limeade. Lemon. Some of Taylor’s colors sound so scrumptious they should be eaten.

“There’s enough bummer in the world,” Taylor said backstage. “I just want girls to feel pretty and to feel sexy.”

The New Zealand-born designer said she was aiming this time for something “modern, ethereal and angelic.” The angelic part was evident in filmy dresses _ the “moonlight eyelet asymmetrical dress,” for example, looked like a vintage nightgown.

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