- - Sunday, September 11, 2011


HPV vaccine works with only two doses

A study has shown that taking two doses of a human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine protected young women as well as three doses.

The finding is important because many women do not get the full three-dose regimen of Cervarix. If only two doses are needed, more women may get vaccinated, and the incidence of cervical cancer may be reduced, said Aimee R. Kreimer, lead author of the four-year study, which involved more than 7,000 young women in Costa Rica.

The study, which appeared online Friday in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, focused on Cervarix, one of two U.S.-approved vaccines against HPV. The other approved vaccine, Gardasil, also takes three doses, but it has a unique formulation and was not part of the Costa Rica study, researchers said.


Power back on for most near border

SAN DIEGO — Utility crews brought electricity back to much of California, Arizona and Mexico on Friday, a day after a power outage left millions in the dark, paralyzed freeways and halted flights at San Diego’s airport.

Officials, however, warned that the electrical grid was still too fragile after the outage and asked residents and businesses to go easy on - or even put off using - major appliances, such as air conditioners.

A decade after California faced rolling blackouts that shut down everything from ATMs to traffic signals, Thursday’s outage raised anew questions about the condition of the nation’s electricity grid.

Authorities were focused Friday on trying to figure out how a mistake by a single Arizona Public Service Co. worker making a routine repair in Yuma, Ariz., could cascade across the Southwest.


Ex-speaker sentenced to prison for fraud

BOSTON — Former Massachusetts House Speaker Salvatore DiMasi has been sentenced to eight years in federal prison for using his clout to steer two state contracts to a software firm in exchange for kickbacks.

U.S. District Court Judge Mark Wolf on Friday also sentenced co-defendant Richard McDonough, a prominent Statehouse lobbyist, to seven years for his role in the scheme.

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