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Gambling addiction, like substance abuse, doesn’t discriminate.

People of all stripes take a chance on the wheels of (mis)fortune everyday by playing legitimate games of chance such as lotteries, horse races, bingo and poker, and by partaking in illegitimate ones, such as back-alley craps games.

Still, the real losers are taxpayers who must pick up the tab for the illegal and socioeconomic consequences.

Our priests and preachers are expected to take a stand against gambling and other vices, but their heads are seemingly in the clouds, too.

Congress already has placed its bet, having approved the D.C. online gambling program this spring and effectively agreeing with D.C. officials that the city can police itself.

What a joke.

The question is whether D.C. lawmakers and members of Congress have their pockets lined with “political support” from larcenous lobbyists.

Or have the people who constitute a moral majority been bought off as well? The unemployment thieves prove you needn’t have a K Street address to rip off the District.

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