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However, Route 301 in La Plata will be closed for several weeks, until a 20-foot by 20-foot hole caused by a pipe failure can be covered. A section of Route 234 also collapsed near Allens Fresh Run, Mr. Buck said.

Along Route 381, east of Crain Highway, repairs could take two to three weeks.

All manner of flotsam was reported floating past the Bay Bridge as the Chesapeake Bay began taking in the excess waters from the swollen Susquehanna River, which displaced thousands of New York residents when it crested last week, according to The Associated Press.

Despite a Wednesday rush hour that ground to a halt from standing water, the District faired well, the city’s Department of Transportation spokesman John Lisle said.

“We had a lot of trees down in the hurricane and with the flooding there were a few more trees that came down because the ground was so saturated,” Mr. Lisle said, “but for whatever reason we did not seem to have those [flooding] issues in the District.”