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Dresses or tops often billowed like sails.


The highlight of Johnson’s show always comes at the end _ and it has nothing to do with the clothes.

The 69-year-old designer does a cartwheel on the runway and brings down the house. She added a split this time to huge applause from a crowd that included Nicki Minaj.

The first model on her runway was daughter Lulu, if you don’t count her granddaughters who entertained the crowd before the lights went down with their pink-streaked hair and dance numbers on the runway.

As for the collection, it was an eclectic mix of tongue-and-cheek (really, more cheek) prom-ready sequined dresses, lace babydolls and other assorted lingerie-inspired looks, and tough-girl tight outfits with skull and X-ray motifs.


AP National Writer Jocelyn Noveck in New York contributed to this report.


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