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Other mentions in Mr. Biden’s original piece on intellectual property rights, Chinese currency revaluation, and open market competition were predictably deleted in Chinese translated versions.


The outrage of the week in China was the recklessness shockingly on display by the teenage son of a high-ranking People’s Liberation Army official. On the evening of Sept 6, the teenage son driving an unlicensed BMW rear-ended an Audi. Li Tianyi, 15, jumped out of his BMW and savagely beat the Audi driver. He is the son of nationally renowned military choir tenor Li Shuanjiang, who is famous for his renditions of many Communist songs over the decades and holds a rank equivalent to a major general.

A police background check showed the teen had been involved in 32 previous traffic violations and was never punished. His father apparently panicked after the incident because the victim was reportedly a relative of the personal secretary to Defense Minister Gen. Liang Guanglie. Profuse apologies from the father to the victim were delivered at the PLA General Staff’s 309 Hospital. But public outrage over the incident is aflame throughout China.

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