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Mr. Najib said the Internal Security Act would be replaced with two new antiterrorism laws and pledged that no one would be detained because of political ideology.


Thailand, Cambodia agree on easing border tensions

PHNOM PENH | The leaders of Cambodia and Thailand have agreed that troops along their disputed border should meet regularly to ease tensions and withdraw from a temple area as ordered by an international court in July.

Cambodian Foreign Minister Hor Namhong said that Thai Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen made the agreement Thursday afternoon in Phnom Penh.

Relations between the countries have been strained since July 2008, when skirmishes broke out in the region around the centuries-old, Cambodian-owned Preah Vihear temple. It sits on a mountain straddling the disputed border.

The clashes have killed dozens of people, and each side blames the other for starting them.


Japan hunts 195 whales in northwest Pacific

TOKYO | Japan said it has caught 195 whales in the Pacific Ocean this season under a research program opposed by activists who call it commercial whaling in disguise.

Japan’s Fisheries Agency said the fleet harvested 49 minke, 95 sei and 50 Bryde’s whales and one sperm whale during its three-month Pacific expedition.

Japan also hunts hundreds of whales in the Antarctic Ocean as part of its research program, which is exempt from a 1986 whaling ban.

Critics say the expeditions are a cover for commercial whaling because meat from the harvest is sold for domestic consumption.