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“They had a good long conversation so it wasn’t like she was being prompted to say any one thing, so we didn’t feel that played a part in it at all at that time,” he said.

The Salahis burst onto the scene in 2009 when they crashed a White House state dinner. Michaele Salahi was a cast member of the reality show “Real Housewives of D.C.” last year, but the show was canceled after one season.

The couple posted a picture of Twitter of themselves with Schon and other band members last week. TMZ posted video of the couple partying with Schon at their embattled winery last year.

Aside from the couple’s gate crashing troubles and failed reality television attempt, they also have experienced business problems. The winery filed for bankruptcy, and its assets are scheduled to be auctioned off on Sunday. Michaele Salahi also released a single entitle “Bump It” that was not successful and was thrown off the reality show “Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew” when it became apparent she wasn’t addicting to anything.