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The addition of Ford to the traditionally strong London lineup is another step forward for Britain’s expanding fashion industry, which lags behind New York, Paris and Milan despite more than a decade of steady growth.

Hillary Alexander, a fashion correspondent with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, told The Associated Press that Ford’s decision to show his collection in London represents a major boost to the British fashion industry.

“It reflects his love of all things British,” she said.

She said Ford’s show will be quieter and less oriented toward the Internet and social media networks than those of his competitors, who want to instantly reach a mass audience.

“He wants it to be slightly more intimate, with a very personal presentation,” she said. “That’s in direct contrast to the attitude of a lot of fashion today. It suits his clientele, and it suits the man.”



Maria Grachvogel showed a series of ethereal, flowing gowns, dresses and catsuits, with her unique “magic pants” seeming to give models a slimmer waist and longer legs.

The free-flowing dresses, with exaggerated drape, had a timeless feel, with some elements of Greek classicism.

“They’re a bit of a lightning warrior look,” Grachvogel said backstage after the show. “Very much about volume, with that Grecian feminine thing, and a bit of fierceness.”

She seemed deeply relieved that the show had been successfully concluded, sipping Moet & Chandon champagne and toasting the friends who surrounded her. She breathed a deep, elaborate sigh of relief to indicate that the tension had lifted.

Grachvogel, who first exhibited at London Fashion Week in 1995, made extensive use of white and ivory, including a long white catsuit with a plunging V-neck. Others relied on her artwork prints, each individually engineered by Grachvogel on individual garments, in colors that included black, white, apple, raspberry and blossom.

The long, flowing look was interrupted by several outfits, including a beige ensemble featuring short pants, blouse and cape.



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