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“I hope teams keep taking shots at Cro.”

Oh, they certainly will. With Revis on the other side, most offenses will focus on challenging Cromartie. That’s fine by him.

“As a defense as a whole, we want to cause havoc on our opponent as much as possible,” Cromartie said. “That’s what our defense is built on.”

Cromartie spent four seasons with San Diego, where he earned a reputation as a dynamic playmaker who gambled too much and wasn’t much of a tackler. He was an All-Pro in 2007, and had half of his 20 career picks that year.

But things soured with the Chargers, and he was traded to the Jets for a second-round draft pick.

Starting cornerbacks, particularly on an aggressive, blitzing unit like the Jets, usually are kept away from special teams, particularly as a returner. But Cromartie has proven he’s by far New York’s best in that dangerous job.

“When I get my chance and my name is called,” he said, “I’m ready to step up.”

He certainly did that Sunday, impressing Revis with his recovery skills.

“He rebounded really well,” Revis said. “He gave up two (touchdowns) last week and then he got two (interceptions) today. Cro knew last week is behind him and he had a great game.”