- - Sunday, September 18, 2011


Cain mum about who is giving him economic advice

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is quick to discuss his economic plan. But he isn’t saying just who helped him create it.

Mr. Cain calls it the 9-9-9 plan. It would set a corporate flat tax at 9 percent and a personal flat tax at 9 percent, and establish a 9 percent national sales tax. The payroll tax, the estate tax and the tax on capital gains would be eliminated.

He was asked on “Fox News Sunday” who helped him develop the plan. Mr. Cain said he isn’t at liberty to identify anyone but the chairman of his economic advisers.

Mr. Cain says the others are well-known business owners, but he doesn’t want to compromise their confidentiality by naming them publicly.

The Cain campaign didn’t respond to a request for information.


Boehner: U.S. must be strong partner for Israel

House Speaker John A. Boehner says the U.S. commitment to Israel should be stronger now as the American ally faces challenges to its existence in the volatile Middle East.

In an address Sunday to the Jewish National Fund conference in Cincinnati, the Ohio Republican dismissed suggestions that Israel has isolated itself, and he argued that the Jewish state stands above others as the “one true beacon of freedom and opportunity” in the region.

The U.S., he said, must stand by Israel’s side “not just as a broker or observer - but as a strong partner and reliable ally.”

A text of Mr. Boehner’s address was made available in advance.

Mr. Boehner’s remarks come on the eve of the U.N. General Assembly session in New York, which is shaping up as a difficult diplomatic period for Israel.

The Palestinian Authority intends to seek recognition of statehood despite the threat of a U.S. veto in the Security Council and the strong objections of the United States and Israel.

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