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On the next series, Burkhead carried six straight times but the Huskers turned the ball over on downs when he couldn’t convert a fourth-and-3.

“The power plays, the inside zone, that’s a great cup of tea for Rex Burkhead,” running backs coach Ron Brown said. “It’s tough, physical running in between the tackles. He has great eyesight, great vision, makes people miss in holes. He can lower his shoulder and get a few extra yards after contact as well.”

Nebraska’s no-huddle offense is demanding because the Huskers vary their tempo to exploit and wear down the defense.

Brown said he could tell in the second quarter that Washington was struggling.

“We had a pace and tempo that really was moving,” Brown said. “We were snapping the ball before they were lined up. During the course of that their guys got tired.”

Brown said it was apparent from the fourth-quarter play-calling that Beck had heeded the message delivered at halftime by the offensive linemen.

The message: “Put it on our back.”