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Some businesses were targeted for boycotts, while the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, which backed Proposition 8, was hit by protests and vandalism.

As a result, Proposition 8 attorneys said it was difficult for them to persuade witnesses to testify on the measure’s behalf. The defense originally planned to call six witnesses, but four backed out when they learned that the judge planned to tape the trial, said attorney Andrew Pugno.

The trial’s written record has been long available to the public. A play based on the court transcript, entitled “8,” was scheduled for a premiere Monday at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre on Broadway in New York City.

The show, featuring an all-star cast that includes Ellen Barkin, Morgan Freeman and John Lithgow, was slated to show for one night as a fundraiser, and then be restaged at regional and college theaters nationwide, according to AFER.