- - Monday, September 19, 2011


Police arrest suspects in major counterterrorism move

LONDON | British police arrested suspected Islamic extremists on Monday in what officials called one of the most significant counterterrorism operations of the year.

Officers also were carrying out raids on more than a dozen homes and businesses in the central England city of Birmingham as part of the intelligence-led operation.

Although the plot was in its early stages and targets weren’t immediately known, British security officials said the threat appeared significant and involved Islamic extremists.

West Midlands Assistant Police Chief Marcus Beale said the suspects were arrested in or near their homes by unarmed police officers as part of a “large, preplanned, intelligence-led counterterrorism operation.”

Six men were arrested overnight and were being held on suspicion of the “commission, preparation or instigation” of an act of terrorism in Britain. A woman was arrested Monday morning on charges of failing to disclose information.

The suspects, ages 22 to 32, were described as British residents, but police would not give any details about nationalities or ethnicity.


U.S. envoy blasts Tehran’s nuclear ‘deceit’

VIENNA, AUSTRIA | U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu accused Iran of nuclear “denial, deceit and evasion” on Monday in a warning that Tehran’s decision to move some uranium-enrichment facilities to an underground bunker brings it closer to being able to produce the fissile core of a warhead.

Tehran, however, said Western pressure was to blame for its decision to relocate thousands of enrichment machines into a fortified subterranean location and for refusing to open its nuclear activities to greater outside perusal.

Iranian Vice President Fereydoun Abbassi Davani said “hostile positions and measures of [a] few countries” force other nations “to make their peaceful activities … secret and put them underground.”

The sharp tone of the exchanges on the opening day of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s 151-nation annual conference reflected the international divide over Iran’s nuclear activities nine years after revelations that the Islamic republic is secretly assembling a uranium enrichment facility.


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