- - Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Singer Pat Boone insists Obama was born in Kenya

President Barack Obama may have released his birth certificate this spring to debunk rumors that he was born outside the United States, but old-school crooner Pat Boone maintains that our nation’s leader was born in Africa and has shown the world “a Photoshopped fraud.”

Speaking to the San Francisco Chronicle, the Beverly Hills tea-party member said he has met Kenyans who claim Mr. Obama was born in their country.

“I was in Kenya a year and a half ago, and everybody said, ‘You know, he was born here,’ ” Mr. Boone told the Northern California-based publication at a California GOP event last week.

“Why else would he be hiding all of his records? He’s spending millions of dollars so that we do not have his records,” Mr. Boone said. “And experts have already looked at and been able to verify that this long-form document is a fraud. … But the media ignores it. … A total fraud. A Photoshopped fraud.”

Earlier this year, Mr. Obama made his birth records public, following billionaire Donald Trump’s insistence that the president release the documents to refute so-called “birthers” who accuse the president of being foreign-born.

The “Celebrity Apprentice” host took credit when copies of Mr. Obama’s birth certificate hit the Internet.

“Today I’m very proud of myself, because I’ve accomplished something that no one else has been able to accomplish,” Mr. Trump said at a news conference after the White House announced it would release the certificate this past spring. “I want to look at it, but I hope it’s true. … But he should have done it a long time ago.”

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‘2 Broke Girls’ actress identifies with character

Actress Kat Dennings may not be too different from her character in the new CBS comedy “2 Broke Girls,” which follows the lives of two struggling waitresses.

“Actors make less than you think,” the 25-year-old recently told the Yahoo! blog omg! “Everyone thinks because you’re an actress you make a million dollars a day - and you just don’t.”

The brunette actress said she makes simple purchases and sports her old wardrobe.

“I buy food and gasoline - that’s it. I’m still wearing Target and hand-me-downs,” Miss Dennings said.

The Pennsylvania native, who played a feisty high school girl in the box-office hit “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” said she only recently had the option of having her own place to live.

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