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BILLINGS — A fatal bear mauling in Yellowstone National Park possibly was triggered by the California victim and his wife screaming and yelling as they ran from an approaching grizzly mother with cubs, according to the results of an investigation into the attack.

New details in the July 6 mauling emerged Tuesday as authorities released 911 recordings and documents related to the attack on Brian Matayoshi, 57, and his wife, Marylyn.

“What possibly began as an attempt by the bear to assess the Matayoshis’ activities became a sustained pursuit of them as they fled running and yelling on the trail,” the investigation team report said.

The couple was not carrying bear spray, Mace-like canisters of pressurized pepper spray that park officials advise hikers to carry for self-defense.

After killing the husband, the bear picked up Mrs. Matayoshi by her backpack but then released her without causing any harm. Park authorities later decided to let the bear remain free because it had no prior run-ins with humans and was reacting as might be expected to a surprise encounter.


Airport screener given confinement for theft

NEWARK — A federal judge in New Jersey sentenced a lead transportation security officer at Newark Liberty Airport to six months of home confinement for stealing money from passengers’ bags as they underwent security screenings.

Transportation Security Administration officer Al Raimi, 30, pleaded guilty in February, admitting that he and his supervisor regularly stole money from travelers. He was sentenced Tuesday.

Prosecutors say the 30-year-old Woodbridge man stole between $10,000 and $30,000 cash in nearly a year.

He was ordered to pay $24,150 restitution and a $3,000 fine.

Prosecutors say Raimi gave a cut of the cash to his supervisor, Michael Arato, who pleaded guilty and was given a 2 1/2 year prison sentence.


Jury ponders case against warden’s wife

MANGUM — Jurors have resumed deliberating in the trial of a former Oklahoma prison warden’s wife accused of helping a convicted killer escape and willingly living with him until their arrest more than a decade later.

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