TCU’s pending move is to suddenly shaky Big East

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While there is so much realignment that could lead to superconferences, Patterson has already been part of 16-team league. TCU was part of the WAC before several schools from that league later formed the Mountain West.

“I didn’t really like it very much,” Patterson said of the 16-team WAC. “You really don’t know anything about what goes on on the other side, and how it goes. I think that’s too big.”

Patterson wonders “what’s big enough” and about the message all the changes are sending.

“We’re trying to teach every day, we’re trying to teach kids to do the right things, and make good decisions and do things for the right reasons, don’t do them because of financial,” he said. “Then everything they read is we do it opposite. We’ll see how it all goes.”


AP College Football Writer Ralph D. Russo contributed to this report.

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